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Lifestars believe in ensuring that all children have the facility to grow to their greatest potential, and by incorporating active learning within schools, children with additional support needs can develop key life and social skills



Here at Lifestars, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in aiding children with additional support needs. Lifestars is a charitable organisation based in Aberdeen, launched in 2018 by a former pupil of Dyce Academy, Neve McPherson. The charity continues to be run by Neve and her father, William.

Our Values



One of the most important keys to success is communicating and working well with others. Working with others is something that our learners will encounter frequently throughout life. Through our programme, we seek to familiarise our stars with this aspect of life and help them communicate better and work together.



Having confidence, and belief, in ones abilities is vital to succeeding in life. Confidence provides the basis for overcoming many of life's barriers. Our activities help our learners steadily improve their confidence and translate this growth back into the classroom, and everyday life.



It has been scientifically proven that people who are more trusting, are more effective in the workplace. Trust allows people to work well in teams, and this is an important aspect of life that we aim to help our stars thrive in.



Leadership is an extremely important skill to obtain and is valued by all kinds of organisations. A leader is someone who can make decisions, inspire others and remain calm under pressure. Through our activities we seek to help build tomorrows leaders.



Having pride within yourself and everything you do is an important thing to hold in life. It motivates people to do their best and gives them an overall sense of achievement. We believe every pupil has qualities to be proud of and with this programme we will help them realise this through activities such as goal-setting.


Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, make the world a beautiful garden

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