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Meet the team

Welcome to the Lifestars team! Scroll down to learn all about us and what we do for Lifestars

Neve McPherson
- Founder


Willie McPherson
-Chief Fundraising Officer
Willie's commitment and dedication play a pivotal role in our remarkable achievements. What makes Willie special is that he is not only the heart of our organisation but proud father of our founder, Neve McPherson.

As a devoted dad, he has wholeheartedly supported Neve's dreams from the very beginning. When she established the charity to assist children with additional support needs, he immediately began contemplating how he could make a meaningful contribution.

Reflecting on his invaluable role within the charity, Willie says,
"For many years I have been delighted to help any local charities in any way, and being able to do it in conjunction with my own daughter was the perfect scenario. Helping raise funds is something I have always enjoyed and I have a fantastic network of friends and business contacts who are incredibly supportive and love the fact they can help."

Taking inspiration from his daughter, his passion resonates with everyone involved in our charity. He firmly believes that those of us who are fortunate in life have a shared responsibility to give back 


Neil McKinnon
Neil has been an incredible supporter of ours for a while now, and with his wealth of experience and dedication, Neil is set to make a tremendous impact on our mission.
"During my career I have continued to hold the belief, that we all must do our part in supporting the next generation in fulfilling their potential."
"Having worked with young people within an education setting in the past and continue to support DYW North East, I have seen first-hand the talent and desire young people in the North East of Scotland possess, along with the positive impact the right guidance and opportunity can have on their future."
"What I hope to see in the future is for Lifestars to continue to grow, not only in size, but also the impact it can make across the North East."


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